Karen Lappon

Abraham Dayan is an extremely talented and intellectual artist strongly influenced by Cubism, Expressionism as well as Constructivism. In his paintings the viewer encounters a unique interpretation of art and art history in which a wonderful juxtaposition of ideas come together recalling great artists such as Gris, Feininger, Lissitzky, Chagall and Kandinsky.   Dayan’s fragmented figures convey a sense of timeless delicacy and elegance that immediately enthralls the spectator. The subjects of the compositions are often female figures whose sublime beauty and grace seems to submerge from a subconscious dream-world, painted with refined taste and a poetic touch. Sharp, angular lines, shapes and forms express exquisitely sensual albeit powerful emotions in Dayan’s work. Dayan tells a story with his art as the figures are painted like calm narrators of a mysterious plot. The viewer is part of a silent audience in a process of communication interpreting the infinite stories conceived through the timeless language of subconscious symbolism – the contrast between the perfect geometry of line and the expressive abstraction seemingly defining the border between reality and dreams. The geometric elements, painted in soft colours, delineate the form, sometimes overlapping it, to convey a sense of perspective allthewhile the impression of depth is created by the diagonal lines which appear to extend beyond the compositions. The skillful interplay of shape and diagonal lines is enhanced by multicoloured shadows which contribute to an effective and striking use of light. As Albrecht Durer once said: “Geometry is the right foundation of all painting”. Abraham Dayan uses his intellect and talent to not only confirm Durer’s words but also to give them life through his exceptional artworks.– Karen Lappon, Art Critic London