Tim A Rutherford


Bold strokes, rich textures and a brave use of color are the hallmarks of this young Frenchman, Dayan, who paints from and urban studio in Savannah Georgia. Dayan is inspired by Picasso, but found his motivation, he says, by a visiting angel who instructed him to become a painter. Dayan rushed to market, bought paints and canvases and painted like a man possessed from his home in Paris. Dissastifield at the results. Dayan burned his first 100 canavases and moved to the United States of America in 1999. In that time Dayan has established himself as an up and coming contemporary artist. Prolific, sometimes completing two or three large canvases a week, Dayan has strayed his early Picasso-inspired creations and continues to evolve his own style. Nor pure Cubism, nor strictly linear, his work often defies categorization, but always imparts Dayan’s sensitivity to the spirit of his figural models, the sensuality of organic still life and the complexity of the urban streetscapes. The canvases mimic the artist filled with passion,emotion and boldness.– Tim A. Rutherford May 2000. Coastal Antiques and arts, Savannah GA USA